Please see the attached EA Guidance or click here for more detail but I will summarize what our plan is below,

  1. Paul Connor is our Covid-19 representative, he has put together some guidelines which you will see in the attached Risk Assessment. Paul will review and update the Risk Assessment as guidance develops
  2. The guidelines state that there is now no limit on the number of people that can attend a training session in a COVID secure environment, however we wish to keep this to a manageable number.
  3. We will split the session into manageable groups of runners trying to match people with compatible ability. Each leader can be responsible for up to 12 runners but we may start with smaller groups of 6 if possible. We will be looking for people who would be prepared to take responsibility for these groups, if not we will not be able to run the session within the guidelines. Group leaders will be within their rights to ask runners not to attend future sessions if they refuse to follow guidelines
  4. Each group will take a different route to avoid catching up and becoming one large group
  5. At the beginning of each session each group leader will make a note of all runners within their group
  6. For the first few weeks back, it would help if runners could choose to attend only 1 or 2 midweek sessions, this will help keep the numbers more manageable. We’re aware that the Wednesday session in particular can be very busy so we’d like to spread the numbers across all sessions if possible. 
  7. The new meeting point for Tuesday and Wednesday sessions will be the open air car park on Birmingham Road, there is more space to spread out and maintain social distancing before the session, please respect the social distancing guidelines at all times. Thursday sessions will start from St Kenelm’s Pass as usual until light starts to fade. However do not arrive too early for any session and please disperse when session is finished
  8. Runners are welcome to bring their own hand sanitizers but we will not make it a compulsory item, it may be that some of us might want to consider wearing gloves and even masks, this is up to the individual and is not recommended while running as it could make you overheat and struggle for breath
  9. Due to the nature of Cobra summer sessions there will be obstacles to negotiate such as styles, gates, etc, please take care and be considerate when using these
  10. During the run session please maintain social distancing with any other runner that is not from your household, you should not attend a session if you are shielding, self-isolating or if a person within your bubble is showing symptoms
  11. In  order to maintain track and trace details we will make a register of attendees at each session, see point 5, this will help us contact anyone who may have run with someone who later showed symptoms of Covid-19. If anyone starts to show signs of Covid-19 after having attended a session, please contact  @Paul Connor or asap so that other runners can be notified
  12. Please be respectful to members of the general public. As runners we should be making every effort to avoid pedestrians, not expecting others to move aside for us. If this means having to stop, or waiting to one side then we should. We don’t want anyone making complaints against the club. Please be considerate and courteous and respect and protect the good name and reputation of our club.
  13. Note for leaders, please refrain from including any activity that might involve close or bodily contact during the session e.g. relays where we tag each other or linking arms to run in pairs, etc.

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